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Blue Skies

Maximizing Returns
for Business Owners

through expert representation


Are you ready to sell your business, and begin your next adventure?




To explore the idea of selling your business, learn what it might be worth, and how quickly it will sell, we can meet confidentially to determine if now is the right time to sell. 



Preparing your business for sale

We will work with you to prepare your business for sale. Our team will complete a detailed review and analysis of your company’s operational performance and market position, and prepare a Confidential Business Profile for use in introducing prospective buyers to the company. Professional packaging facilitates the timely sale of your company for the very best price and terms.


Assessment of Value

Most businesses are saleable if the offering price and terms are properly structured. While only the marketplace can determine what a business will sell for, we assist the owner in determining a realistic range of value for the company’s tangible and intangible assets. In addition to providing assessments of value in connection with the contemplated sale of a business, we can prepare a comprehensive Business Valuation Report for use in buy-sell agreements, insurable value determinations, and strategic planning.



In the last decade we've built relationships with investors across the country. We are able to broadly expose your business to the marketplace while preserving confidentiality if that's important to your business. We can discretely market your business - without employees, customers or competitors learning prematurely that it is for sale. Our aggressive advertising combined with our extensive network of professional associations and qualified buyers ensures maximum exposure in the marketplace.


Qualifying Buyers

We screen all buyers to determine their financial qualifications. We have also developed a buyer profiling system to document a prospective buyer’s management skills, experience, business objectives, and search criteria.


Contract Negotiation

Our experienced staff will coordinate all communications between your company and prospective buyers. After signing non-disclosure agreements to ensure confidentiality, we provide the prospective buyer with information concerning your business and the industry. Once an offer is made, The we will oversee negotiations, and provide alternatives for deal structuring designed to achieve a successful sale.



We have excellent investor relationships. By assisting the qualified buyer in obtaining financing, closely monitoring escrow, and ensuring all contingency requirements are fulfilled, we give our clients the best opportunity for a timely and successful sale.


We earn a 10% commission after your business sells.

There are no other fees.


Curious to see what your business is worth?

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