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Blue Skies


Be awesome. Have fun. Make money.

Top Real Estate Agents

We’re building a next-level real estate brokerage and are looking to attract top agents.


How will we become the hottest, freshest brokerage around? By:

  • Leveraging A.I. to help build the business;

  • Creating engaging content for social media;

  • Helping our agents gain a greater level of financial literacy than other real estate agents in the market;

  • Being able to speak about architectural home styles, local neighborhood characteristics, city developments, and local amenities;

  • Making super-sweet home upgrades easy for clients (by estimating improvement costs and connecting with local designers & contractors);

  • Only hiring people with high integrity, a strong work ethic, and top-notch written and verbal communication skills;

  • Providing the best tools and support to our agents.

Things You'll Enjoy

  • Being part of a super-awesome, smart, fun team that’s making waves in the industry;

  • A dedicated support team to handle transaction coordination;

  • A great technology stack to help make your job simpler;

  • Sales training and coaching;

  • Marketing support;

  • Flexible schedule;

  • A generous commission structure;

  • No training fees, desk fees, monthly fees, annual fees or any recurring fees.

Agent Responsibilities

  • Keep up to date with company-published real estate market and geographical trends;

  • Join podcast episodes and interviews;

  • Create content that we can use to promote you across social platforms;

  • Respond to leads in a timely manner and nurture them through the sales process;

  • Prospect new lead generation through in person meetings, phone calls, and social media;

  • Maintain a lead generation database / CRM;

  • Be active in your community and within your established sphere of influence;

  • Educate clients about real estate processes and timelines;

  • Liaise between buyers and sellers to ensure a satisfactory transaction;

  • Prepare letters of intent, contracts, and other business administration paperwork as needed for the sale;

  • Negotiate purchase agreements, manage client issues, and coordinate with third party entities;

  • Develop and maintain relationships with local designers, contractors and other service providers to help support our clients.


  • Hold an active real estate license

  • Have an understanding of market trends, market statistics and home value drivers (or ability to learn)

  • Familiar with architectural home styles, your local neighborhood characteristics, city developments, and local amenities

  • Knowledgeable about fair housing laws, state forms, contractual language and terminology (or ability to learn)

  • Able to evaluate and weigh multiple offers, assess inspection reports, and negotiate on the clients behalf

  • Ability to learn and use new technology

  • Top-notch written and verbal communication skills

  • Be committed to yourself, your team, your clients

  • Ability to travel within your market


Our real estate agents are independent contractors and paid on commission.


Commission splits are:​

Agent-Originated Client (Buyer or Seller)

  • 80% Agent + 20% Calreco (first $100k in Gross Commissions per calendar year)

  • 90% Agent + 10% Calreco (for Gross Commissions > $100k per calendar year)​​


QP-Originated Client (Buyer or Seller):

  • 70% Agent + 30% Calreco

We cover:

  • E&O Insurance

  • Transaction Coordinator Fees

  • Technology Stack 

  • Business cards  

  • QP swag  

  • Cold Call Sheets


You cover:

  • Your Realtor dues (and Supra)

  • Independent contractor expenses like mileage, phone, etc.

Next Steps

Interested? We’d love to talk with you!


Please fill in the form below to schedule a 30 minute zoom session. 

We will contact you asap to schedule a day and time.

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